A Chat With Derrick Gomez

Here is our assignment email sent out in August. To view all past emailers from the assignment division, view the “Assignment Newsletters” page.

August 2008 | A CHAT WITH DERRICK GÓMEZ (abridged) | read the full article

Derrick Gómez was born in California and raised in New York. Before becoming a professional photographer, he was a professional video game player. As an undergrad at Cornell University, Derrick took weekly bus rides to New York to work on film sets assisting cinematographers. From his time in New York he acquired a strong urban aesthetic that has developed into his personal style. Excerpts from our chat:

[image left] People are usually surprised to find out that this photograph wasn’t set up at all. I just found it. I knew these three people were going on a trip somewhere and I figured they were dressed too nicely to walk in the sun for that long, or at least were not planning on taking a crowded Tokyo subway. So I waited until they found a cab and sprinted down the block to frame their group with Tokyo in the background and the light on them perfectly.[image right] …another example of being in the right place and having the intuition to predict what will happen. I came across this man and saw him reaching into his bag. He grabbed a box of cigarettes and I knew he was going to light one. I ran to the other side where I knew the Marlboro man would be and grabbed the shot. All my personal work is unplanned.
[Talking about shooting World Extreme Cage Fighting for Versus Network] When fighters fight, they enter an animalistic, reptilian state. It’s honest. You can see it in their eyes. These moments, where they are completely lost in the experience, are perfect opportunities for a great photograph… filming it would never be very clear to the viewer because the signals they put out are just too complicated. Photography is great for catching their subtleties.

To view more work by Derrick Gómez, or any of our photographers, please visit www.glasshouseassignment.com.

A special boxing portfolio can be viewed through our client access section with the password gomez. This portfolio will be available for one month. For physical portfolio requests and other inquiries, please contact our assignment representative

Jacqueline Bovaird: jacqueline@glasshouseimages.com | 212 462 4538

You can also visit Derrick’s own website to see more of his work, including film and video: www.derrickgomez.com

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