Around the World With Steven Vote

Here is our assignment email sent out in September. To view all past emailers from the assignment division, view the “Assignment Newsletters” page.
September 2008 |


World-traveling assignment photographer, Steven Vote, recently sat down with us to share an inside look at an amazing two week trip that took him from New York to Seoul, Dubai, Istanbul, Berlin and back.

Glasshouse: How did this whole trip come about?

Steven Vote: I had done a few shoots with a really amazing & talented art director, Tamara Kopper of McMurry Inc in Phoenix, AZ for the Amtrak magazine, Arrive. McMurry is multi-media company that specializes in custom media and advertising. Tamara called me out of the blue and said, “You want to travel around the world doing a shoot for The Ritz Carlton Magazine?”

“Well”, I thought to myself, “there’s nothing good on the tele tonight, so why not?”

As a photographer, I travel a lot and have been around the world lots of times (but never in two weeks before!) and have been to 49 States in the US – only Alaska eludes me… maybe I should drop a note to Alaska’s Governor? Do you think she’d have me over for a Moose burger?When I visit somewhere different I always endeavor to absorb all the flavors of that place, the smells, the tactile and of course the sights. Often food, local indigenous food of course, meets all those need in one fell swoop.
In Berlin, the two women at the front desk looked liked they had stepped off the pages of Italian Vogue (or at least Deutsch Vogue) – tall, blond and incredibly beautiful – and of course, thin. I asked one of these women where I could eat “like a German – pork, beer and cabbage maybe?” She pondered my question for 5 seconds and sharply said “Why would want to eat that? There are some very Kool bars just close to here – go have a martini and a cigarette instead!”
Glasshouse: What was the most impressionable part about Dubai? Instanbul?

Steven Vote: [Dubai] The heat. Man oh man, the heat. Oh and the air-conditioned bus stops. Nice touch in a land where 99 degrees is a pleasant day. The ever-reaching skyline with the world’s tallest building Burj Dubui and did I mention the heat? I love the contrast. The fact that maybe 15 years ago Dubai was little more than a tiny desert town – the city has lots of history but its growth in recent years is astronomical. I am not sure how true it is but two Dubai locals told me 25% of the world’s construction cranes are deployed in Dubai.

[Istanbul] What an incredible city, truly a mix between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Faith and architecture, history. Great food and sights, a sunset boat ride followed by a visit to a belly dance club holds fast in my mind.

This was an amazing trip: lots and lots of fun, incredible people, delicious and strange foods and adventure. And of course it was hard work, 18 flights in 14 days, more than 7000 images, layovers and/or stops in eight countries, but no chance to even get jet lag circumnavigating the world in a fortnight.

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