‘Tis the season…for politics.

Deb Willis, arguably one of the most inspiring individuals working in photography today and perhaps one of the nicest people alive, presents “Obama: The Historic Campaign in Photos.”

“This exhibition documents and describes a transformation; it expresses the range of emotions expressed by the subjects in the photographs since February 10, 2007, the day on which Barack Obama announced that he would run for President. This exhibit highlights, through some 100 photographs, the road to Barack Obama’s historic nomination as the first black American to lead the Presidential ticket of a major party.”

-Exposures, an Aperture Blog

While I expected the show to portray Obama as a great American icon of
our time, it does so in an interesting way. Instead, Obama is shown as a human rather than the untouchable political force that graces our newsstands. We see him at both his most humble moments and as the
expected hero.

The media has played such an immense role in Obama’s campaign that it seems only appropriate for the fine art world to embrace the relationship. I recommend this show not only because I believe it has been curated beautifully, but also because it provides an alternative perspective on the carefully calculated images of public figures.

On View:

September 19 – November 8

Leica Gallery

670 Broadway, Suite 500

New York, NY 10012

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