After Photography

Fred Ritchin’s new book, After Photography has finally been released! The book discussed photography’s existance in a changing media atmosphere.

In conjunction with the new book, Ritchin has also began a blog which will undoubtedly become one of my daily reads. Ritchin provides an insightful view into media and photography that I feel the community is starved for.

Here are some gems from the blog:

“It can be like the magician: while we are all watching one hand it is often the other hand that is doing the most important work. With all the billions of digital photographs we are making with our cameras and cellphones, we too are becoming the subject, but in ways that we might never have imagined. It’s not about our smiles after all.”

“When thinking about a Robert Frank’s photographs of America in the 1950s or a contemporary Stephen Shore color photograph, it seems like we are talking about a very different medium. Once photography was about something; now it seems increasingly to be a form of silly putty for nearly anyone to squeeze.”

I can not recommend Ritchin’s work enough, whether it be in PixelPress, After Photography, or the new blog. His words are both smart and accessible and explore what many of us are thinking but can’t quite figure out. The book was just released in the past week so I’d recommend buying it and reading it because it is surely going to cause a huge buzz in the photo/media industry…

…and don’t you want to be the first one on the playground to know?


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