Derrick Gomez Delivers

Once again, Derrick Gomez delivers incredible boxing photography. I love the newest addition to his portfolio and also feel they speak to his philosophy around photography, which we discussed in a recent monthly email. Here, I’ve posted these new additions and also some quotes from our discussion. View if the full text here. Enjoy!

“When fighters fight, they enter an animalistic, reptilian state. It’s honest. You can see it in their eyes.”

“These moments, where they are completely lost in the experience, are perfect opportunities for a great photograph… filming it would never be very clear to the viewer because the signals they put out are just too complicated. Photography is great for catching their subtleties.”

“When I first started photographing MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters I didn’t really understand their art form. I only knew how fighting appeared superficially and I found out that I was not comfortable directing the fighters without this knowledge. Knowing that I wouldn’t be doing the fighters justice, I trained how to fight myself. Photography for me is all about perspective. If you understand something deeply, it will ultimately come across in your imagery.”

To see more of Derrick’s work,

go to or contact his rep Jacqueline Bovaird at or 212-462-4538.

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