November 2008 Newsletter

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November 2008 | FALL BLOG ROUND-UPWe hope that everyone is enjoying autumn. It can get a little cold here and there, and sometimes it just plain feels like winter, but the leaves are on the ground (depending on where you are) and the colors are beautiful. While we point you to some of our favorite photography blogs, we’ll pepper in some of Derrick Gómez‘s recent personal work–a few beautiful reflections on the fall season.
RESOURCES FOR CREATIVESWhile most of you probably clued in to Rob Haggart’s A Photo Editor, here are a few photography related blogs you might not know about:

  • Rachel Hulin’s A Photography Blog | Rachel, who gained a strong following writing for Photoshelter’s Shoot!, decided she would maintain her stream of consciousness blogging with this new project. In a recent post, Rachel speaks with the photographer of the cover of this month’s New York Magazine.
  • Fred Ritchin’s After Photography | While he maintains his own cult following as a veteran of print media, Ritchin’s words have entered a new sphere with his blog, which serves as a continuation of his recent publication of the same name. While still in it’s infancy, After Photography is sure to become a strong source for insight into the changing industry.
  • In a recent post, Fred spouts one of the best quotes we’ve heard in a long time: “It can be like the magician: while we are all watching one hand, it is often the other hand that is doing the most important work. With all the billions of digital photographs we are making with our cameras and cellphones, we too are becoming the subject, but in ways that we might never have imagined. It’s not about our smiles after all.”

  • Adverblog reports on the latest in interactive advertising, a field most of us could benefit from learning more about. Many posts revolve around sports advertising–writer Martina Zavagno is an interactive marketer for a sports brand.
  • Recently, she posted about a project called Love at First Site which is a 17 minute interactive advertisement for a Greek chocolate bar company called Lacta. The film is about two lovers who meet and are eventually drawn apart. The audience can bring them back together by making the right choices. The website is part of a campaign targeting young adults. Interestingly enough, there is already a facebook group for fans of the love story.

    Now that we’ve written the word “blog” a dozen times, it’s back to reality. To view more work by Derrick Gómez or any of our photographers, please visit can also see more of Derrick’s work on his own [gasp, we have to write it again] blog:

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