Indre Serpytyte, State of Silence

Indre Serptytye’s photograph in her series “State of Silence” provide both a gorgeous photographic archive of her father and commentary on the political realities of his sudden death. I find these images to be a glimpse into the way photographers deal with their lives, and how they often rely on their art to help sort through their reality.

When her father, Albinas Serpytis, died in October of 2001, Indre Serpytye never believed in the government’s explanation of the incident. While the official record explained the Lithuanian Head of Government Security’s death as a “car accident,” Indre is convinced it was “premeditated and brutal.”

Indre began this project as a way to deal with that has happened to her father. The text was not originally intended to be a part of the final project but then became quickly integral to its message. Here are Indre’s text and images. An interview and commentary on the project can be found at 1000 Words Photography.

Indre Serptyte, "State of Silence"

“Lithuanian papers wrote that it was a ‘Painful misfortune (a catastrophe),’

Indre Serptyte, "State of Silence"

When the Head of Government Security died.

Indre Serptyte, "State of Silence"

Indre Serptyte, "State of Silence"

Albinas Serpytis died in the early hours in the early hours of the 13th of October 2001, in a ‘car accident.’ No one seemed to know the details, circumstances, or provide straightforward answers. His death was premeditated and brutal.

For me this was sufficient proof, he had been eliminated.

All that remains is silence, unknown circumstances. Hidden motivations. A chilling absence.

Indre Serptyte, "State of Silence"

This was my father. The subject of indefatigable investigations.”

– Indre Serptytye

Indre Serptyte, "State of Silence"

Indre Serptyte, "State of Silence"

Indre Serptyte, "State of Silence"

Indre Serptyte, "State of Silence"

Source: 1000 Words Photography.

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