Holiday Marketing and Bored Employees

Every year, a new crop of holiday marketing comes around. You know the kind… “insert your face here” dancing elves are a personal favorite of mine. The message? Who cares right? Do we realize we’re being advertised at? Food for though: Is the success of holiday marketing in direct correlation to the boredom of  coworkers and employees?

Here are a new one to keep you entertained. As an experiment, see if you actually care about the advertisement.

Sit on Santa’s Lap

What do you think? Does this kind of advertising work? Do you know of something similar that actually does bring in new clients? Let me know!

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Glasshouse Assignment is an advertising artist’s assignment agency. Within our family of photographers and digital artists we offer a mix of commercially-established and emerging talent from around the world. Our vision is to present a diverse roster of talent to serve traditional advertising assignments, editorial assignments, social media needs, along with digital illustration, retouching, and cinemagraph creation. We are excited to represent these talented artists who, like us, value building lasting relationships. Thank you for considering Glasshouse Assignment, we look forward to serving you on your next project.

One comment

  1. Good thoughts. I’d like to quote your “Is the success of holiday marketing in direct correlation to the boredom of coworkers and employees?” on my blog Yes, people do shop to relieve boredom and I suppose they browse the internet and see more ads too. It’s stimulation and more engaging than the boring thing they are supposed to be doing.

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