Artist for sale!

“Art,” despite what most artists are rebelling against, is a commodity. While it may be a product that is life altering and earth shattering and truly brilliant….once that piece of brilliance is for sale it becomes a commodity. Dear artists, this does not mean the world has gone to hell… it only means there is money to be made from your inner turmoil. You certainly don’t have to turn your art into money if it bothers you. How you’ve grappled with the reality of this is your own business.

Now here is an interesting idea…is the artist the commodity? Silly question..Of course! Can art only a reference to the artist or can it be for sale on its own? Can art be art without identity of an artist? How is it different if it is created “for the sake of it” versus “for the sale of it”…

Jason Polan is experimenting with the idea that he as an artist is the product and that his time can be profitable. He is selling two packages of his free time: one day and one hour time slots where, if you so choose to purchase them, he will devote to making art for you. You then receive in the mail whatever doodles and such he made within that hour/day.

Huh. So is it the art, the artist, the time, or the creativity packed into that time that is for sale? Is buying an artist’s time worth the money? Is there a guarentee of a product? What do you think?

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