Welcome Miha Matei!

Miha Matei is a wonderful food and lifestyle photographer and is the newest member of our team at Glasshouse Assignment! Below is her bio and a sample of her work. I’ll let you know as soon as her portfolio is fully launched on our site. Until then, here is a preview.

Miha Matei


Miha was born in Bucharest, Romania, but spent summers in the Romanian countryside on her grandparents’ farm. She climbed apple and cherry trees and ate farm fresh food every day. Her family moved to New York when she was eleven years old, but the color and the beauty from the farm have influenced her photography career to this day. Last year, Miha worked with award winning chef Matthew Kenney in New York and Maine on two raw food cookbooks, which was released in spring of 2008. She continued to work on Kenney’s book of desserts due out this coming spring. Her other clients include Real Simple, Country Living, Food Arts, Taunton Press, and Organic Gardening. Miha now lives in Brooklyn with her husband Marc and son Medby.

Miha Matei

Miha Matei

Miha Matei

Miha Matei

Wow. Our family has grown quickly! Welcome Miha!

Don’t worry, we are making these additions to our roster with the consideration that we will always be a boutique agency, specializing on the personal relationships we have with our photographers and our clients.

If you’d like to know more about Miha Matei and her photography, feel free to contact me (her rep), Jacqueline Bovaird, any time!

jacqueline@glasshouseassignment.com  |  212-462-4538

View more of Miha’s work on her site.

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