Form and function….does anyone even notice?

For your weekend viewing pleasure, I bring you some images of sky walks that are incredibly frightening and also strangely beautiful. Anyone notice that the tourists are all wearing more or less the same thing? See for yourself… I’m not sure what to think of the images of these structures.

Are they for tourist promotions or are they meant to make me feel acrophobic? Visually, they are an interesting way to incorporate public art into an experience. You don’t just look at these sculptures you interact with them and leave having received something from them. The question is then do these people experience the sculpture or the location? I wish I could conduct a poll of all the people leaving these places and see if they’re actually thinking critically about the idea of “space” or whether they are only looking for another postcard photo opportunity.

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona, US

Grand Canyon, AZ, USA

Grand Canyon, AZ, USA

2. Aurland Lookout, Aurland, Norway

Aurland, Norway

3. Trol, Iceland

Trol, Iceland

4. Meran, Italy

Meran, ItalySource.

I wish I could understand the website I got these from. I think it is in Norwegian.

Either way, these photos get a reaction…which is rare and worth at least a discussion.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I tried to translate the page from Norwegian. There are no good Norwegian / English Translators out there. I find this personally frustrating because I’m part Norwegian and could always use a good touch up on my Tussen Takk and Vær Så Snill (Thanks + Please). I did get this website ( to translate it, and the results are pretty humorous. I especially liked the translation of one blogger’s reaction:
    Posted By:
    December 10th, 2008 that 1733:

    wedges in abdomen…
    I find it to be an accurate sentiment. These places would make me sick. However, they are fantastic uses of space, and it specifically reminds me of scale: our personal scale related to the vast spaces these walks give the viewer access to. I’d like to see some better photographs taken of these spaces. There is the ripe opportunity to exploit the acrophobic (nice word jacks) element of these structures.


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