A worry for new photographers and a CALL FOR ENTRIES

I’m worried about emerging photographers. Making the choice to be a photographer, while of course artistically fulfilling and creative and on and on and on,  has always been financially terrifying. AND while I do hate it that every sentence at holiday industry parties seems to start “with the economy the way it is… [insert depressing reality here]” I must say that i don’t see life getting easier for photographers. It makes me sad to think it might just get worse from here. I’m worried that young artists will be less likely to go into art related college programs and that we’ll all miss out on a valuable point of view. For those who do jump into the photography world, it seems more likely that they pursue commercial work rather than take risks exploring fine art. Will commercial photography become even more flooded and will there be a gap in the development of “fine art” photography? How relevant will one’s passion for photography be? All I can say to those questioning their careers is that I get it, but please make work! The rest of us can’t survive without it.

Since we can’t escape our environment’s influence on our work, I’m interested to see the images which have been affected by our present economic instability. So here is my call to arms:


Do you have work which is in some way reflects our current economic state? This is open-ended so run with it!

While we can’t offer a cash prize, I can offer a portfolio and marketing critique by the head of our assignment division/photo rep as well as tons of exposure here, on our blog. Any relevant work submitted will receive a response from our photo rep, so even if you do not win, you’ll still get feedback! The best of the best will be featured here as the winner.

Deadline: January 30, 3008

Submissions: Please address all submissions to Jacqueline Bovaird, info@glasshouseassignment.com. You may submit 1-15 images, with the longest side of the image being 800 pixels at 72 dpi.

As new posts come up here, you will be able to find this page via the new “Call for Entries” page link on the right.

Good luck!

Here is a photo project on workaholics by Francesco Nencini to give you an example of greatness:

Francesco Nencini

Francesco Nencini

Francesco Nencini

Francesco Nencini

Francesco NenciniHere is the caption which was posted on Rank.APhotoEditor.com when I first came across the project:

Maybe they hold on to their seat because they’re afraid of losing their job.
Maybe they don’t want to go home because it’s worse than at work.
Maybe they have nowhere to go and no one to talk to.
Suggest a reason and enjoy this voyeuristic look at yourself.

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