Tree Drawings


Direct Mail – Business-to-Business Entrant: Jung von Matt, Stuttgart Forest Stewardship Council
“Tree Drawings”

Corporate Name of Client: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Agency: Jung von Matt, Stuttgart
Creative Directors: Joachim Silber/Michael Ohanian/Tim Knowles
Copywriter: Lennart Frank
Illustrators: Drawn by Larch, Pine and Oak
Graphic Designer: Thomas Lupo

Basic description of the project:
The brief: To develop an attention-getting promotion that attracts new supporters to FSC. Our strategy: Trees are essential to life. They improve the CO2 balance, offer habitat to animals and they are the beauty of nature. We felt that it was worth reminding people of that. Not by using nicely-shot images of forests, but in a different way – one with a little more depth. What we did was to add pencils to the tree’s branches. When they moved in the wind, unique works of art were created. These fascinating pictures were displayed and sent to potential supporters.



How it was done
How it was done

Okay, maybe this isn’t photography. A colleague of mine brought this project to my attention and I couldn’t resist. SWJ

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