Paolo Pellegrin’s “Great Performers” looks better online?

While I never thought I’d say this, I’m starting to enjoy photo essays online.


I know I know… it is almost painful to say out loud. Stop judging and just hear me out! This week’s New York Times Magazine’s gorgeous photo essay “Great Performers” by Paolo Pellegrin may just be what converts me to the dark side. In the printed edition from this past weekend, Paolo’s images are, of course, beautiful. However, it is the digital presentation (here) on the NYT website which, I feel, really shows them off.

Sean Penn, Paolo Pellegrin, NYT

Digital versions of printed photo essays almost always allow for more images than is conceivable in a printed layout and many times you can view the images larger than they appear printed. All this taken into account, I am still so enamored with the process of turning the pages and the brief moments I spend on Sundays away from my computer. These particular downfalls of online magazines are often compensated by the NYT with audio commentary and seamless display, letting the images take rein over words in all their full-screen glory.

Penelope Cruz, Paolo Pellegrin, NYT

Robert Downey Jr., Paolo Pellegrin, NYT

While I’m certainly not announcing that my preference for printed matter has shifted dramatically, this recent development makes me think that when the inevitable happens and all magazines become web-only, it might not be so bad.

Kate Winslet, Paolo Pellegrin, NYT

Kat Dennings, Paolo Pellegrin, NYT

What do you think?? If you have an opinion, please leave a comment!

Check out the NYT presentation here.

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