Miha Matei in New Orleans

Recently, one of our Glasshouse Assignment photographers, Miha Matei, traveled to New Orleans. Inspired by southern hospitality and culture, she connected with Nadine Blake to photograph her shop and products. Miha was nice enough to explain to me a little about her trip… Enjoy! Thanks for sharing Miha!

Miha Matei in NOLA

“I had never been to New Orleans before, OR anywhere in the south, so I was very excited to explore the area.  I brought my camera, but I wanted to see the historic French Quarter without it, to really get a feel for it, so I left the camera back at the hotel. I came upon Nadine Blake’s home decorating shop unexpectedly, but instantly fell in love with it. The store didn’t say New Orleans one bit, but the second I walked in the southern friendliness and hospitality was clear. Nadine Blake was in the shop that day and she welcomed me like we were long time friends.”

Miha Matei in NOLA

Miha Matei in NOLA

“The world influences in the store were immediately obvious. It was as if Nadine had taken her favorite bits and discoveries from her travels and brought them together into her shop, and she had really great taste! All of a sudden, I wasn’t just in New Orleans. I was in exploring many parts of the world at once. I instantly wished I had brought my camera! I wanted to remember that little corner of the world forever. I must have seemed like a little kid in a candy shop, because Nadine agreed to let me come back the next day to take photos.”

Miha Matei in NOLA

Miha Matei in NOLA
“That’s why I love travel photography. If you really pay attention to the details of a place, it has the power to inspire beyond a local level. So, while I didn’t leave that day with photos that scream New Orleans, I couldn’t have found Nadine’s store anywhere else in the world. To me, having a connection with a place sometimes means that you have to look beyond the obvious and find the things that inspire you. And if my photos reflect that, then I have done my job well.”

Miha Matei in NOLA

No matter what she shoots, Miha has such an incredible style and charm to her imagery. Aren’t we lucky to have her on board? I think so!

See Miha’s full portfolio here. If you have any questions about Miha’s work, feel free to contact me, Jacqueline Bovaird.

212 – 462 – 4538  |  jacqueline@glasshouseassignment.com

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