Kafka illustrates “Next to Normal”

FINALLY! Below are samples of Evan Kafka’s promotion photographs for the new Broadway show, Next to Normal. Okay…I admit it. I’ve had these up my sleeve for quite some time now. Please keep your anger to yourself and understand that I was waiting until Next to Normal was closer to being up and running before showing you these! Suspense is a good thing!

I had the pleasure to be on set for this shoot and meeting the cast and creatives. Not only was a few moments away from the computer screen a very welcome change, but it was so wonderful to meet all the stars of the show and see them work with Evan. Everyone on the shoot was so sweet and great to work with. Their enthusiasm and excitement for the project was absolutely incredible, and definitely has gotten me counting the days until I can see them in action. For your viewing pleasure…  here are Evan’s favorites from the shoot and a shot of the phootgraphy on the theater doors. Links below to the official Next to Normal website and opening dates.

Go see the show! AND tell everyone you know how fabulous the photography is….

Evan Kafka in front of Next to Normal doors

Evan poses in front of the doors of the Booth Theater, NY

Bobby Spencer, Next to Normal

Bobby Spencer, Next to Normal

Alice Ripley, Next to Normal

Alice Ripley, Next to Normal

Arron Tveit, Next to Normal

Arron Tveit, Next to Normal

Jennifer Damiano, Next to Normal

Jennifer Damiano, Next to Normal

Adam Chanler-Berat, Next to Normal

Louis Hobson, Next to Normal


Previews begin March 27, Opening Night April 15

Booth Theatre

222 West 45th Street, New York, NY

Official Website Here

Check out NEW UPDATES to Evan’s main portfolio and corporate portfolio.

If you have any questions about Evan’s work, please feel free to contact his rep, Jacqueline Bovaird.

jacqueline@glasshouseassignment.com  |  212 . 462 . 4538



  1. The photos are great! And i really love the editing done.
    I was wondering if you know where to find the other face pictures that were taken? I know the cast was told to go through all kinds of emotions and photos of each emotion had been taken? Is there any place where those might be found?


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