“Travelers” by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz

First of all, this project is absolutely amazing. It makes me excited and refuels my faith that there are original ideas out there for the taking! It’s funny, it’s lighthearted, it’s frightening… more than anything it’s complicated in a way that holds my attention for more than a few seconds like most crap on the internet these days. These images make me nostalgic and remind me of Grimm’s fairy tales, where not everything is as it seems. Generally snow globes hold those places which you can’t get to you… your snowy, precious dreams of distant places. In this series Travelers by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz, these are places you don’t want to go. Because Tim Clark’s writing about the project is just as wonderful, I won’t even try to explain it myself but will defer to his words instead. Thank you to 1000 Words Photography. See quotes below from an article by Tim Clark below and check out the full version here.

Travelers by Walter Matin and Paloma Munoz

Travelers by Walter Matin and Paloma Munoz

“At first glance Martin and Munoz’s snow globes recall the pleasant feeling we have when it snows. At atmosphere in which silence prevails, a time when people are generally in their homes, the animals are resting and even nature itself seems asleep.”

Travelers by Walter Matin and Paloma Munoz


Travelers by Walter Matin and Paloma Munoz

“…small acts of cruelty, violence and even dark humor come forth to captivate our imagination. Trapped in these snow globes are men and women seen alone or at the mercy of others, lost in a bleak, largely nocturnal landscape straight out of the ‘dead’ of winter.”

Travelers by Walter Matin and Paloma Munoz

Travelers by Walter Matin and Paloma Munoz

“…an offbeat pseudo-moralist parable that forgoes the boundaries between horror and humor, and that is set in a whitewashed, winter wilderness wherein people are gripped by the cold storm of life as various atrocities unfold around them.”

Travelers by Walter Matin and Paloma Munoz

Travelers by Walter Matin and Paloma Munoz

Travelers has a rich texture of ideas, references, memories and dreams but ultimately it  is the suspension of disbelief that is key to their reception and meaning – the off experience of an everyday household object revealing itself to us as something more surreal totally stumps our expectations.”

Travelers by Walter Matin and Paloma Munoz

Thank you to 1000 Words Photography.

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  1. Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be subscribing to your site.


  2. Wow, wonderful blog post with some amazing photography of snow globes. I love snow globes, terrariums, and little painted Chinese boxes because they are like tiny little worlds for us to view. Thank you for posting the amazing photos as well. I’m very curious to read the short story that goes along with the book “Travelers” as well.


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  5. Thanks for featuring the “Travelers” series 🙂 Gorgeous pieces of art!

    Btw, I just noticed there’s a duplicated photo: the couple pushing the house.
    You may want to check that 🙂

    Best regards from Portugal!
    Ricardo Nuno Silva


  6. Hi Ricardo,

    Glad you like the post. Thanks for letting us know about the duplicated photo!


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