Dell keeps it sweet and fluffy

Something interesting is happening over the new Dell branding. They have targeted it towards women, which is perfectly acceptable. What is causing an uproar is the way they’ve gone about it. I just read a clever and funny review of the situation on The Dog and Pony Show here. Since I think that they did a great job writing about the situation, I won’t try and replicate it. My favorite quotes are below but I’d of course recommends reading it in full and also checking out Dell’s site here and coming to your own conclusions.


“First they call it Della. Aww… how cute and clever and retch-inducing. Then they only play up laptops with pretty graphics or stylish sleeves – because you know, there’s no way any woman would ever really care about the specs. Their first bullet point about most of the notebooks is how it’ll nicely fit in your bag. Jesus, why don’t they talk about how the keyboard won’t break your nails and how you can surf the net while ironing your husbands shirts or getting dinner on the table before he comes home.”

“They even have a tip that says “Use your netbook to plan your ovulation cycle and crank out more kids to fulfill your sole purpose as a woman.” Ok, I made that up, but I wouldn’t have been surprised to see it on such a ridiculous, stereotypical, insulting piece of marketing.”

What do you think?

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