Submit Your Test Shots!

Photographers’ test shots are one of my many favorite things… kind of like photo rep candy (they taste almost as sweet as great promos and art buyers who answer their phones). If you know me, you know that I adore all my photographers and love to see them having a great time in front of the camera.

Submit your test shots! I want to see awkward shots of your crew jumping in front of the seamless and your digital tech sleeping on the keyboard, memory cards and good intentions in hand. So don’t take yourself so seriously (you all do enjoy your work right?) and send me some shots of your crew and yourself goofing around! Submit test shots to me, Jacqueline Bovaird, at with “test shot submission” in the subject. You’ll make me happy and I’ll post the best here on Stone Thrower with tons of links to your site. Don’t forget to include one of the final shots from the shoot!

Here are some of Evan Kafka’s tests from a recent shoot. These are the people behind the scenes on all the gorgeous shots we know and love.

Evan Kafka

Photographer Evan Kafka

First Assistant Josh FreiwaldFirst Assistant Josh Freiwald

Studio Manager Jacek Kuzniar

Studio Manager Jacek Kuzniar

Make Up Artist Nikki WangMake Up Artist Nikki Wang

Thanks for submitting these Evan!


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