Tiny Art Director

This morning I’m feeling very jealous of all of you from California… It’s raining here in New York, which only makes this gray city even more monochrome. The only solace I can provide for you is an amazing blog I found this morning while drinking my coffee before work. It’s called Tiny Art Director and it is a collaboration between Bill Zeman and his four year old daughter. His daughter commissions drawings and paintings and then critiques them to no end, finally stamping each commission with “approved” or “rejected.” It’s a nice little take on the art director/artist relationship. It’s also adorable to see a little girl going through the inevitable dinosaur phase..Enjoy!

My favorite critique by the Tiny Art Director:

“No I hate the dragon’s head! Because there’s two dragons – see look: this is a dragon and this is a dragon. That one has paws and this one has paws. See look: That is the difference. Now draw it on the back! Get that one away. Erase it daddy – erase it now. Don’t put it on the computer!”  – T.A.D.

Bill Zeman

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