NASA deletes history…

This from PDN Pulse:

Picture 2

“The next time you erase an important file by mistake, remember it happens to the best of us. NASA, for one.

The space agency just acknowledged that it can’t find the original tapes that contained the video transmissions of the Apollo 11 moon landing 40 years ago. “A three-year search for these original telemetry tapes was unsuccessful,” NASA said yesterday. ‘A final report on the investigation is expected to be completed in the near future and will be publicly released at that time.”

The AP reports that the tapes were probably erased in the 1970s or 1980s when NASA ran out of tapes and decided to record over a bunch of old ones.

To fix this mistake of historic proportions, NASA hired Hollywood film restorers from Lowry Digital to create the cleanest piece of video they can from surviving copies. If you’re interested in the technical challenges of working with odd video formats, dive right in to this NASA press release.

The full restoration is expected to be finished in September. You can already view some of the restored footage here at the NASA web site.”

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