Another event tonight…

If Young Curators, New Ideas II isn’t enough of a Thursday evening agenda for you, stop on by Slideluck Potshow at Canoe Studios, 601 W 26th St, Suite 1465, NY.

Our wonderful friend Robert Wright will be in the show and he is in very good company. He joins…Myriam Abdelaziz, Kyohei Abe, Christopher Anderson/Magnum, Rob Ball, Yasmina Belkacem, Eric Cheng, Carlos Ciccelli, Gregory Crewdson/Luhring Augustine, Alinka Echeverria, Shepard Fairey, Tim Hetherington, Edith Maybin, Peter Mullaney, Christoph Niemann, Claudio Papapietro, Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum, Platon, Alex Prager/Yancey Richardson, Jing Quek/Josette Lata, Kim Reierson, Benjamin Rusnak, Jonah Samson, Emily Schiffer, Kelly Shimoda, Pete Souza, Parsley Steinweiss, Phillip Toledano, Brian Ulrich, D.A. Wagner, Erin Wigger, Robin F. Williams, Kristiina Wilson, Lisa Wiseman, Michael Wolf/Aperture, James Worrell

Want to know more about Slideluck Potshow?

From their site:

Slideluck Potshow is a non-profit organization devoted to building and strengthening community around food and art.  In addition, it is our objective to promote public appreciation of the visual arts and to provide art education opportunities to school-age children in New York City.

Slideluck Potshow sponsors exhibitions of artistic works, each produced in an entertaining slideshow format, designed to showcase works created by novice, undiscovered, and established artists.  These exhibitions create a forum for exposing the general public, artists, and other members of the arts community to new work, while infusing the arts community with a non-commercial vitality and refreshing exchange.  Aspiring, Undiscovered and very accomplished artists, photojournalists, painters, designers, sculptors, fashion and fine art photographers all show their work alongside one another in a relaxed, egalitarian, and spirited atmosphere.  This slideshow format offers emerging artists a unique forum and opportunity to reach new audiences.

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