Young Photographers Alliance Benefit



The Young Photographers Alliance (YPA) was established in early 2009 as an educational foundation focused on bringing disadvantaged students opportunities for advancement in photography. The primary goals of the foundation are to provide financial aid and educational support through scholarship awards, mentoring, internship programs, and educational seminars.

YPA is sponsoring two scholarship awards in 2009, culminating in a special award presentation ceremony on October 13th in New York City. YPA is also developing mentoring and internship programs to enhance the education of college students in a variety of communities. These will provide active and collaborative learning both inside and outside the classroom.

On October 13th, the day before Picturehouse in NYC, YPA will have its first scholarship award ceremony, gala, and benefit auction. Benefits of the auction will go towards scholarships and other YPA programs.

Please submit prints to the auction! Besides the warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll get from donating to a good cause, it should be really great exposure for everyone. The benefit to you is that some of the most influential people in the ny photo scene will see your work. The auction exhibition will be on display for the gala and for the length of Picturehouse (ie exposure to galleries, agencies, art directors, art buyers, photo editors, etc.). After Picture House and the auction, left over prints will be available for an online auction (contributors will be contacted about this after the auction and gala are finished). Images will be curated by us at Glasshouse and by YPA.

Submission requirements:
Photographers may submit 1 – 4 prints.
Archival Prints, Analog or Digital formats accepted.
No smaller than 8″ x 10″, no larger than 20″ x 24″.
Each print must include title, medium, date, estimated value, and photographers’ name on back or on attached sheet of paper.
Each print must be signed.

Deadline for submissions: Sept. 11, 2009

Submit images to:
Glasshouse Assignment / Glasshouse Images
Mail: 161 W 15th St. Studio 1C New York, NY 10011
Drop off Monday – Friday 9 – 5: 157 @ 15th St. New York, NY 10011

Gala Info:
October 13th, Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street
Tickets are $100 donation to YPA. Beer, wine, and food will be provided.
While YPA would love to be able to offer all artists free tickets to the Gala, this will take away from donations as there is limited space.
**Let us know if you’re interested in getting tickets and I’ll direct you to the right person when tickets become available.

Anyway, please feel free to pass along any questions that come up for you to


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