The Ultimate Photo Camping Trip!

I love camping.

I love photographers.

A camping trip with a bunch of photographers!?! YES.

Phoot CampApparently, there’s something different in the air in California. From my desk chair here in New York, it seems photographers in LA and San Fran simply like each other more. They also like to work with each other and get excited about collaborating, which isn’t the vibe I get here in New York at all.

Laura Brunow Miner recently had an absolutely brilliant idea (she is the former editor in chief of JPG Mag and is now working on more brilliant ideas at Pictory). She invited a bunch of her favorite photo people to a camping trip, including Glasshouse Assignment photographer Ryan Schude! They’d play in the woods and see what sort of things happened. Well… really awesome pictures happened… and it seems a lot of fun too. I’m guessing a few friendships blossomed as well, which is apparently what they do over there on the west coast.

This is the first year of Phoot Camp but I’m sure there will be more to come. What is a rep from New York have to do to get an invite!?!

See the slide show explain more about Phoot Camp here.

This year’s attendees (in no particular order):

Daniel Gebhart, Ryan Schude, Chad Nicholson, Nate Bolt, Michael O’Neal, Laura Brunow Miner, Mona T. Brooks, Kevin “Lomokev” Meredith, Steph Goralnick, Eddy “Aqui-Ali” Joaquim, Paul “Dunny” Octavious Cribb, Cody Austin, Dan Busta, Lis Bokt, Derek Wood, Brian O’Hara, Amit Gupta and Jen Giese.

Phoot Camp

Above photos by Dan Busta.

Check out the Phoot Camp site (yes, it’s spelled Phoot). And see some of Ryan’s photographs from the trip below.

Here is one of his group shots. I can’t decide whether this photo is frightening or not, but I like it!

Ryan Schude, Phoot Camp

Warning: This blog size does not do this image justice: CLICK HERE FOR FULL SIZE IMAGE.

Chad Nicholson (photographed by Ryan Schude)Chad Nicholson (photographed by Ryan Schude)

Ryan Schude

Dan and Ryan just getting home after a long, photo-fun-filled trip.

Want to see more from Ryan Schude??? We know.. we agree that his work is amazing. See his website and his portfolio on our site.

For portfolio requests and assignments, contact his rep (me!):

Jacqueline Bovaird  •  (212) 462-4538


  1. Wow…what a great idea to invite different photographers to go camping. My wife and I love camping and we’re also fans of photography. I’m no professional photog, but I love the idea as a way to get the creative juices flowing!


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