Ryan Pfluger Portfolios Launched!

Glasshouse Assignment is proud to officially announce Ryan Pfluger as the newest addition to our roster!

Some of you have been privy to the buzz about adding Ryan Pfluger to our family. Well the time has finally come where I can announce it! I am so excited about working with him! Check out his fashion and portrait portfolios here!

As most of you know, we are very deliberate in our expansion of the roster here at Glasshouse. We are concerned with not only the quality of a photographer’s work, but also their personality and level of professionalism. We like to think we represent wonderful photography with wonderful people behind it. Ryan Pfluger is no exception. Not only are his images undeniably stunning, but his commitment to his work and taste level are inspiring.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ryan Pfluger, prepare to be wowed. Pfluger walks the line between portraiture, fashion, and fine art in a way that feels fluid and natural. He is the kind of person who puts you at ease and is genuinely interested in connecting with his subjects on a personal level, a process that is evident in his portraiture.

Need more? Contact me with questions, feedback, or portfolio requests.

Jacqueline Bovaird

212 – 462 – 4538  jacqueline@glasshouseassignment.com


  1. Pfluger’s work is great. Loved his series with his dad. Wasn’t exposed to this fashion stuff before … it’s top.


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