The Photographic Dictionary

I enjoy words almost as much as I enjoy pictures. Sometimes it can be difficult for to combine the two and I believe doing so can either add another level of interest to your images or it can ruin them all together. As a rep, it is much easier to talk about other people’s work than my own… maybe that’s why this job works for me and makes me happy.

I’m really excited by a new website I stumbled upon today called The Photographic Dictionary. I’m interested in how they choose their definitions and inspired by how far from literal most of them are. Let me know what you think. I’ve included some of my favorite definitions below…


Ache  [eyk]

– verb (used without subject)

1. to have or suffer a continuous, dull pain: His whole body ached.

2. to feel great sympathy, pity, or the like: Her heart ached for the starving animals.

3. to feel eager, yearn, long: She ached to be the champion. He’s just aching to get even.

– noun

4. a continuous, dull pain (in contrast to a sharp, sudden, or sporadic pain).

Photo by Julia Feldman.


Herculean  her•cu•le•an  [her-kyuh-lee-uhn, hur-kyoo-lee-uhn]

– adjective

1. requiring the great strength of a Hercules; very hard to perform: Digging the tunnel was a herculean task.

2. having enormous strength, courage, or size.

3. (initial capital letter) of or pertaining to Hercules or his labors.

Photo by Stefano Marchionini.


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