Online Magazines

While I don’t feel qualified to predict the future of editorial (who is?), I do know what I like.. and I like Issuu.

Similar to MagCloud and other online magazine boutiques, Issuu allows its users to publish their own editorial content online. Of course, nothing is perfect and the sites are still evolving. The important thing seems to be that they’re evolving fast and are pushed along by user-generated content, which is obviously the way things are taking off these days. The result seems to be a surge of really experimental and exciting design. I’ve yet to see some photography that blows me away on there (if you know of some, forward it along!). It is really the designers that I see to be jumping on this exciting bandwagon. Without the pressure of glossy pages and ad revenue, it seems people are experimenting more freely.

On this same thread, make sure you don’t miss Lonny Magazine, which was put together but the former crew at Domino Magazine.

Check out Issuu and Magcloud for the next big things. I am finding lots of inspiration here. Who knows! Perhaps you’ll see our very own Jacqueline Bovaird/Glasshouse Assignment/Stone Thrower online mag soon…who knows!

I’m definitely interested in this lately so check back soon for more on this.

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