New from Evan Kafka!

As promised, here are some new images from Evan Kafka’s campaign for the Institute of Managing Accountants! As with the majority of Evan’s work, I am loving these! We will be sprinkling a few into his online and printed portfolio very soon. I always think it is interesting to see how designers incorporate the images into the final product, so I’ve included samples from the brochure below for your viewing pleasure!

Special thanks to Renee Marmer, who has been so wonderful to work with on this, and Darien Birks, who did an incredible job designing the final brochure!

Check out the new updated to Evan’s portfolio on our site and his!

Photographer: Evan Kafka

Client: IMA (Institute of Managing Accountants)

Agency: Addison

Stylist: Ellen Silverstein

Hair and Makeup: Nikki Wang

Selections from the final product brochure:


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