The sunny side of Ryan Schude.

For photographers, blogs can be a great way to show off work you wouldn’t immediately put in your portfolio. There’s less pressure with a blog to post an image that is a final product, and your readers can follow your trials along the way, which, in some cases, can allow them to feel closer to you and your process.

Most of you know Ryan Schude for his highly and cleverly produced images like this:

Ryan maintains his photo blog here, where he posts everything from music, to photos of friends, to his portfolio tests. Check it out to see a different side of Ryan’s work, one that is slower, quieter, and somehow sunnier. There are lots of shots done with 120 film, which makes me want to dust of my old Rolleiflex and get cranking!

I thought I’d take this opportunity to post some of my favorites from his blog, just in case you hadn’t checked them out. Check out Ryan’s portfolio on our site here too.

This circus disco one is so dreamy…

For more info on Ryan Schude or portfolio requests, contact Jacqueline Bovaird.

212-462-4538  |

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