Another Bridge Project image…

If you live in the New York area, there are a group of faces that seem to be following you around. The photos Evan Kafka did for the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Bridge Project seem to peek out at me from every storefront and subway car… which is good because I love them. Evan sent me a previously unreleased photo today and I thought I’d pass it forward here. Check out the new image below, as well as on Evan’s website and ours. This is Christian Camargo, who plays Ariel in The Tempest which is currently playing. These images are printed in black and white for the ads, so I always think it is neat to see them in color as well.

If you’re just tuning in and have no idea what I’m talking about, see my previous posts here and see the subway image below.

For more information on Evan’s photography or for portfolio requests, please contact his rep (me):

Jacqueline Bovaird  •  212-462-4538

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