Here ye here ye…

A Photo Editor, in his weekly “Ask Anything” feature, examines this question: Does a photographer need a rep and do they really get you work?

I couldn’t agree more with many of the sentiments here! Here are some of my favorite quotes…

“Reps do get you work, but they alone can’t do it by themselves. You have to step up to the plate and bring your game…”

“We definitely feel like a rep can be a great asset, but you have to be willing to still do the dirty work and get out there. One of our favorite reps once said ‘A photographer once asked me ‘what have you done for me lately’ and I responded with ‘you should be asking me, what can I do to help you?'”

“A rep is like a channel that, gets your portfolio out there into the world for people to see. It’s still up to me as the photographer to create better work, and the brand that goes with that.”

“I do think that having a rep will improve your chances when you break down being successful in this industry it comes down to making better images, and showing more people. In a sense you are the one that has to make better images, but a rep will help you show more people. More than that, a lot of times art buyers will use reps as resources to recommend a type of photographer.”

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