Photographers, do you blog?

Mine do!

Since one of our photographers recently joined the blogging bandwagon, I thought I’d do an updated list of all their blogs here. It’s interesting how everyone has taken a somewhat different approach. Ryan Pfluger’s personal commentary let audience easily feel like they know him, while Miha and Evan keep things centered around their most recent work. Ryan Schude’s music suggestions are not to be missed, along with posts of his personal work, which take a different tone than his commercial portfolio. Check out their blogs with the links below, but also make sure to browse our site and see their commercial portfolios. Enjoy!

Ryan Pfluger

Ryan Schude

Evan Kafka

Miha Matei

Derrick Gomez

About Glasshouse Assignment

Glasshouse Assignment is an advertising artist’s assignment agency. Within our family of photographers and digital artists we offer a mix of commercially-established and emerging talent from around the world. Our vision is to present a diverse roster of talent to serve traditional advertising assignments, editorial assignments, social media needs, along with digital illustration, retouching, and cinemagraph creation. We are excited to represent these talented artists who, like us, value building lasting relationships. Thank you for considering Glasshouse Assignment, we look forward to serving you on your next project.

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