Miha Matei for Weight Watchers

Warning! You will be hungry after looking at these photos. There is no getting around it so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Miha Matei’s food photography recently came out in the May issue of Weight Watchers magazine. We did this shoot way back in the beginning of February so it’s very exciting to finally be able to share the tear sheets! The shoot went perfectly and the whole team was really wonderful. Thank you so much to Deborah Hardt, our wonderful photo editor, food stylist Anna Elisa de Castro, and prop stylist Paige Hicks, who worked with Miha to make this all turn out beautifully.

See more of Miha’s portfolio here on our site, as well as her site and blog.

For more portfolio requests or more info on Miha Matei, feel free to contact her rep.

Jacqueline Bovaird  |  Glasshouse Assignment

212 462 4538  |  jacqueline@glasshouseassignment.com


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