New Photographers, New Site Updates

I’m taking a break from the Q&A to accounce  some very exciting things are happening here at Glasshouse Assignment. The biggest news is that two new photographers have joined our tight-knit family!! While I know some of you have been hearing the whispers, I couldn’t be more thrilled to officially announce that Levi Brown and Trevor Dixon are on board with us. We have also overhauled our site to make it more user-friendly and the portfolio sections more robust. Read on to learn more about Levi and Trevor and check out their images below.

While there are new images in every single photographer’s portfolio, we’ve added big sections to a few of them. You will see we’ve heeded the overwhelming demand to include more babies and animals from Evan Kafka. Ryan Pfluger’s celebrity images have been pulled apart into their own, gorgeous section as well. Also, we have a whole new look from Ryan Schude in his lomography, which shows a different side to his vision and compliments the work you’ve seen beautifully.

We hope you find the changes to the site just as exciting as we do. To Levi Brown and Trevor Dixon, welcome to our Glasshouse family! We are oh so happy to have you.

– Jacqueline Bovaird, Glasshouse Assignment


Because of his witty charm and unique ability to illustrate any concept, Levi Brown has become the go-to photographer for conceptual still life. That being said, Levi can’t only be considered a photographer. Since he builds most of what is in his images, we see him as one part photographer and one part sculptor, with a dash of mad scientist thrown in. His work is just as much about the process and problem solving, as it is the final image.

Levi’s editorial clients run the gamut from Bon Appétit and Real Simple, to Women’s Health and Field and Stream. If you’ve heard his name, it’s because it’s everywhere these days. Levi was one of this year’s PDN 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch and PDN Photo Annual, and also has an image selected for American Photography 26. Check out his portfolio here, though we warn that you may never see gum the same way again.

See more from Levi on our site here.



The reaction to his work is always the same, “I want that!” Whether you want to live in his interiors, cuddle up in sweaters for Anthropologie, or bask in the dreamy light of his newest beachy series…we all want what Trevor’s got.

Trevor Dixon has the very rare ability to shoot interiors, product, and lifestyle with a consistent style and taste level. A few months ago, he sent me a small book promo of his work. I didn’t even get through all its pages before I called his studio to see more. Trevor’s easy-going personality is just the kind we like to have around and his clients, some of which he has kept loyal for twenty years, sing his praises to anyone who will listen. We couldn’t be prouder to add him to our team.

See more from Trevor on our site here.


Want to see more? Of course you do. Actually, we’re counting on it.

For portfolio requests and any questions about Glasshouse Assignment or our photographers, feel free to contact me any time.

Jacqueline Bovaird, Glasshouse Assignment

212 462 4538


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