Which promos do you keep?

Promotions are tricky. Do you save money and send a relatively inexpensive postcard to a big mailing list? Or do you do a fancy promotion that people will certainly keep, but you can only afford to send it to a small list of potential clients? For what it’s worth, I believe in trying to accomplish a bit of both, but that’s just me.

After a big postcard mailing, Miha Matei and I discussed doing something special and personal for her closest regular clients. In a recent PDN article, Ilona Siller, Art Buyer at Draft FCB, was asked to recall her favorite promotions she’d received from photographers. Ilona brought up a Miha’s winter promotion, so we thought we’d share it with you here!

Miha selected delicious organic dark hot chocolate and the perfect mug, big enough to hold with two hands but not so huge to be heavy. After adding in a few tasteful postcards and a personal note, Miha wrapped them all up in natural, textured packaging and sent them off! See the promo below and read more on Miha’s blog here!

Here is a look at the promo:

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