New Work for 2011

Happy 2011! It’s hard to believe that two months have passed since I started at Glasshouse – it’s been quite a busy beginning to the new year! I’m thoroughly enjoying being part of the Glasshouse family and I’m looking forward to the coming year. Let’s get right to it, here’s some of our photographers’ new work!

Ryan Schude’s awesome image of Annie Leung, professional Guitar Hero player, was taken for the Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition.

Ryan Pfluger’s portraits are always intimate and telling. The image on the left is of indie musician, Glasser, and was recently featured in Spin Magazine.

Trevor Dixon was chosen to shoot Philadelphia Magazine‘s 2011 “Best Restaurants” Issue, and the two images you see here are a result of that shoot. Be sure to check out more of his gorgeous food images here.

Spencer Jones has been working on a personal project, using his background as a still-life photographer to capture the formal beauty and grace of Joffrey Ballet School dancer, Alexander Mays.

Evan Kafka recently photographed John Legend for American Way Magazine. Legend is quickly becoming a favorite subject for Glasshouse photographers.

In addition to all of this new work from our current photographers, it is our great pleasure to announce the addition of another outstanding talent to our roster. Adam Taylor splits his time between living in Australia and New York, and has a very creative way of telling stories through his images. There will be a full post soon to formally announce him and show his work, but I couldn’t contain my excitement! Adam’s work and personality will surely complement our talent and bring a new dimension to Glasshouse. Here is just one of the fantastic images he created for an Olympus campaign. Please check out his work on the Glasshouse site here.


For more information about any of the Glasshouse photographers or for portfolio requests, please contact

Jai-Lee Egna

Photo Agent, Glasshouse Assignment


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