Schude/Busta Opening in LA

If you’re in LA this weekend be sure to check out the Caporale/Bleicher gallery! This Saturday, April 16th, at 7pm, the gallery will be hosting an Artist’s Talk for a show featuring work from Dan Busta and Ryan Schude with special guest Davy Rothbart of Found Magazine. Ryan and Dan have created a never-before-seen photo collaboration inspired by Davy’s short story, “At the Inn.” The opening will feature an unveiling of the collaboration, a 5 foot wide lightbox and giant mural print. In addition, the gallery is featuring five additional prints from each photographer through April 30th with a reception on the 23rd. Be sure to check it out!

Schude-Busta Opening


For more information about any of the Glasshouse photographers or for portfolio requests, please contact

Jai-Lee Egna

Photo Agent, Glasshouse Assignment


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