Happy Earth Day from Glasshouse!

Happy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate than by taking a look at some of our favorite photographers who feature none other than our beautiful, bountiful earth? Take a look at some of their work below.

I love Lisa Elmaleh’s work – not only is she keeping the wet collodion process alive but she is creating gorgeous images of our landscapes – reminding us what we have to protect and admire. Take a look at one image from her “Everglades” series below.

Lisa Elmaleh - Everglades
Lisa Elmaleh - Mangrove, Hells Bay

Through some feat of human achievement Corey Arnold is able to maintain two careers, one as an Alaskan commercial photographer and another as an advertising and fine art photographer. Having a presence in both worlds he is able to create moving, affecting images that give us a small glimpse into life and work at sea.

Corey Arnold
Corey Arnold - The Birds

Alan Gastelum has a gorgeous value and timing that threads itself through all of his images, commercial or fine art. Here is one of my favorites from his “Field Trips” series. Check out more of his fine art work here.

Alan Gastelum - Field Trips
Alan Gastelum - Field Trips

What are you doing for Earth Day? If you’re in the New York area check out EDay NY for events over the weekend. See you Monday!

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