Adam Taylor’s Pampero Rum Outtakes

As promised, here are some of the amazing outtakes from Adam Taylor‘s recent Pampero Rum campaign for Leo Burnett Sydney. The final results are phenomenal – I hope you enjoy Adam’s description of the shoot and some of our favorite outtakes:

Adam Taylor Pampero Rum Outtake

The first stage was searching for thick rainforest scenarios  and then shooting a wide selection of foregrounds and backgrounds that would lend themselves to the placement of the glass with innocent animal and tie in thematically with the evil animal that we would place above them. For example the snake scene has twisting vines curving snakelike in and around the glass, the spider has thin strands of tree vine dropping weblike in and around the glass, while the bat has those angular wing like branches above.

Adam Taylor Pampero Rum Outtake

Adam Taylor Pampero Rum Outtake
Then into the studio where we set the lighting to match the soft light of the rainforest canopy and worked closely with expert animal handlers to capture a large selection of angles, shapes and expressions. The bats were difficult to work with and its worth noting that the handlers raise and care for these animals and would never make the animals do anything that they think would be harmful to them. Although the bat handler did get a few “nips” from those sharp little teeth from a bat who would have rather been sleeping! We also photographed a selection of glasses and ice separately.

Adam Taylor Pampero Rum Outtake

Adam Taylor Pampero Rum Outtake
Adam Taylor Pampero Rum Outtake

Adam Taylor Pampero Rum Outtake
We then sat with the art director Sharon Edmonston from Leo Burnett Sydney and the retouching artists Toby & Pete and made our component selections and did rough mockups for each execution. At this stage we were getting excited for even our rough mocks were looking great! Myself and Sharon then worked closely with Toby & Pete in the post stage directing and collaborating for what we think is a killer result for a wicked concept.

– Adam Taylor

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse behind the scenes at the amazing animals and crew that made this shoot so fantastic!


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