July 2011 – News

July 2011 | NEW WORK

We thought you might like to take a break from those emails (or for the lucky ones, that beach chair) and see some of the work our photographers have shot this last month. We promise, it won’t take too long – then you can be back to the sand, backyards and roof decks to relax. From great summer dishes to coveted beach homes, we’ve got something for everyone.

Kang Kim - Bon Appetit

Kang Kim has us tempted to sneak out of work and fire up the grill with these beautiful shots of various marinades. Kang shot four of the Lee Brothers recipes for the July issue of Bon  Appetit. Inspired by global flavors, the marinated dishes are a perfect match for Kang’s unique aesthetic. Check out some more of Kang’s food work here.

Spencer Jones - Georgia Pacific

Spencer Jones has taken an assignment from Georgia Pacific to shoot their new line of paper towel products and created unexpectedly beautiful, abstract works of art. With precise lighting and careful styling, the images take the product to a new level. We can’t wait to see more of this work.

Ryan Schude

Ryan Schude has recently returned from the latest Phoot Camp in Marfa, Texas. We’re in love with Ryan’s portrait of fellow photographer, Paul Octavious, taken at White Sands, New Mexico. Ryan also captured the beautiful Isabelle Albuquerque of Hecuba during filming for Keith Musil‘s video “Holograms”. Ryan brings his sense of wonder to each image.

Evan Kafka

Evan Kafka has once again created hysterical, emotive images of babies for a recent editorial client. The concept behind the shoot had to do with research showing that there may be a genetic predisposition to crime. Not only was there fabulous talent, but Evan was able to capture those fantastic expressions that keep us laughing. See more of his baby images here.

Trevor Dixon - Philadelphia Magazine

Trevor Dixon shot the beach home of interior designer and architect, Joanne Hudson, for the July issue of Philadelphia Magazine. His crisp and clean shots show the beauty of the house while also revealing the serenity that lies within the home. The ten page spread gave us a glimpse into the beautiful summer life of Hudson and had us daydreaming for a place of our own.

Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor‘s intimate series Flesh and Blood simultaneously shows us the wide-eyed amazement of childhood and the true beauty of the natural world. This is one of our favorite images from the series, a snippet of freedom, relaxation and marvel seen from a child’s point of view. Check out the rest of the series here.

Ryan Pfluger

Ryan Pfluger‘s shot of Bob Mould for New York Magazine gave us an intimate glimpse into the personality of an influential musician and author. Bob Mould, of Husker Du fame, sat with Pfluger in a portrait session in Washington, DC where he opened up and allowed for a great synergy between subject and photographer. Ryan also shot journalist Jose Antonio Vargas for a gripping New York Times Magazine essay where Vargas announces that he is an undocumented immigrant. The article is a fantastic read and a moving call for action.


For more information about any of the Glasshouse photographers or for portfolio requests, please contact

Jai-Lee Egna

Photo Agent, Glasshouse Assignment

212-462-4538 jai-lee@glasshouseassignment.com

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