Evan Kafka for Outdoor Life Magazine

Evan Kafka shot a feature story on “Hunting Excuses” for Outdoor Life Magazine’s November issue. Working with Justin Appenzeller and Jim Walsh at Outdoor Life, Evan and his crew helped to illustrate some of the hilarious excuses hunters use to skip out on the big day. See below for some of our favorite images and outtakes.

Evan Kafka - Outdoor Life

Evan Kafka - Outdoor Life

Evan Kafka - Outdoor Life

Evan Kafka - Outdoor Life

Evan worked with stylist Ellen Silverstein to procure bundles of corn stalks, fall leaves, a small Japanese Maple tree and 350 pounds of sand! Luckily, Some Studio is lovated in the heart of NYC’s flower district, convenient for those last minute needed corn stalks… Assistants Josh Freiwald, Richard Solinger and Ellen’s crew (August Goulet and Lisa Metropolis) all worked hard to create fields, wind, beach and a fall leaf pile. Model Kevin Witt withstood the craziness and heat under 4 layers of hunting gear.

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