Photoville Launches at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park was swarmed with photo enthusiasts during the last two weekends in June, as the park launched Photoville, an exhibition featuring over 30 shipping containers that displayed work from international photographers. Exhibits included: Photographer Sim Chi Yina’s documentary photographs of the underground homes of Beijing migrant workers; an interactive art installation of “camera flowers” by Brazilian Artist André Feliciano; and Photographer Alexandros Lambrovassilis’ work documenting the declining state of the former international airport of Athens.

Glasshouse Assignment is also excited to announce Photographer Ryan Schude’s work in the exhibit, “Phoot Camp 2012”. The exhibit displayed the work of 35 selected photographers who were invited to attend and collaborate with one another at a four-day photo retreat in upstate New York.  Ryan had the exciting opportunity to photograph fellow photographers in “camp action”. Other favorite features of Photoville included workshops, lectures, and “The Fence,” which presented submitted photographs from photographers of all experience levels on gated fences. The photos addressed the essence of “community.” We loved getting to see the exciting work and collaborations of so many talented artists, and look forward to the future editions of Photoville.

Written by Glasshouse Assignments Guest Blogger, Marissa Ericson.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the interest in Phoot Camp! While the link to Phoot Camp’s Blog is listed in the post, here are some other links where you can find more info about Photo Camp 2012:

    Phoot Camp’s Website:

    Ryan Schude’s Blog:


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