Evan Kafka, Gerber’s Facebook Favorite

In recent news, photographer Evan Kafka has been generating traffic on Gerber’s Facebook page. As a renowned baby photographer, Evan Kafka has worked with DraftFCB to contribute to several of Gerber’s ad campaigns. Now, Evan has teamed up with Publicis Consultants and Gerber to be the new spokesperson for an upcoming launch. Evan is sharing his photography experience with Gerber parents this month by offering top tips for photographing children. The posts began on Tuesday, July 3rd, and will continue rolling out throughout the month, as Gerber gets ready to launch the return of The Gerber Generation Photo Search. The contest, a search for the new face for their upcoming ad campaign, will start on Monday, July 16th.  Parents and Gerber fans alike have reacted with great enthusiasm as the tips have been posted. We look forward to Evan’s upcoming tips and seeing the photos that the Gerber parents enter in The Gerber Generation Photo Search!

Recent Tips:

Evan’s Photo Tip #1: Plan a photo shoot at home. Set aside a few hours to photograph your child and set yourself up for success by choosing a place and time that works best with their daily routine.


Evan’s Photo Tip #2: Get in close! Fill as much of the frame of your shot with your child as possible. Don’t just rely on your camera’s zoom or photo cropping which may reduce the image quality.

Evan’s Photo Tip #3: Less is more. Your child should always be the star of your shot. Avoid loud patterns, props or accessories that can be distracting. Let your child’s natural emotion and expression engage your audience.


Written by Glasshouse Assignments Guest Blogger, Marissa Ericson.

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