Contributing Photographer Kat Kiernan’s work displayed in D.C.

Contributing Glasshouse stock photographer Kat Kiernan, who graduated in 2011 from The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, will be displaying her exhibition “RAW: Natural Born Artists” In Washington D.C. in August. Images from her collection “Between Earth and Water“, lend a dark yet gentle hand to the world of black and white photography. With high contrast, high ISO’s, and dark vignetting, her images portray a different side of the world that we’ve become so accustomed to. Her work shows varying speeds of nature, from swift seagulls to the thousands of years it takes to create rock formations. Dedicated to the art of storytelling, her emotional images give us a view to the darker side of nature, while still preserving the quaint and soft side of the world we know. With several awards and exhibitions under her belt, it’s clearly stated that Kat’s photography is eye-catching, and that the public enjoys seeing her portrayal of black and white.

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