Ryan Pfluger Shoots Zoe Kazan for TIME Magazine

To celebrate today’s opening of Ruby Sparks, a romantic comedy by actress and writer Zoe Kazan, we asked GHA Photographer Ryan Pfluger to share with us some insights about his recent work with the star, which was featured in last week’s issue of TIME Magazine (Issue 7/30/2012). The movie, quoted as “a sleek, beautifully written and acted romantic comedy” by The New York Times writer Stephen Holden, is about a writer who dreams up his perfect lover. His dream girl becomes a real human being, and the story follows them as their relationship evolves.

Ryan Pfluger’s photographic style, which has a subtle edginess to it, and one that seems to allow the viewer to really connect with the subject, seems to compliment the style of both Ruby Sparks and the leading actress herself. Here’s what Ryan had to say about the shoot:

What inspired your lighting and composition for this work?

The shoot took place at the TIME offices in their on-site studio. I have a few different studio lighting set-ups that are easy for me to switch out, and since we needed to do two set-ups I needed to do something that was easy to move around.  The yellow/orange background was the only thing I really did differently.  Not a color I usually like to work with because it can be very overpowering. However it was for a summer issue and I wanted to do something that was light and fit the mood of her movie.

Who was involved set? Time Photo Editor Marie Tobias; Zoe’s younger sister, Maya Kazan; my assistant, Eric Helgas; and PR.

What is it like to shoot celebrity portraits?

Doing celebrity portraits can be extremely jarring sometimes.  The time constraints are often tight and the talent is often going from one appointment to the next.  Zoe was very easy to work with and very sweet. 

In addition to your portraits and commissioned work, are there any personal projects you’re currently working on?

Currently I’m working on a project called Reunion.  I’m going back and photographing as many people as I can from my graduating high-school class as well as photographing objects and spaces from that time.

To keep up with Ryan’s most recent work, follow his tumblr, Briefly, Ryan Pfluger, where he shares photographs, recent news, and answers followers’ questions.

Written by Glasshouse Assignment Contributor, Marissa Ericson.

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