Our Images Featured on Foreign Book Covers!

Having their images on these book covers doesn’t just mean national coverage for these photographers.  Here are a few books (published in foreign countries) that have chosen our images for their covers.

Maryse Vaillant‘s Les Hommes, L’amour, La Fidélité

Publisher: Le Livre de Poche
Photographer: Chris Leschinsky

Maryse Vaillant is a psychologist who wrote Les Hommes, L’amour, La Fidélité (which translates to Men, Love, and Fidelity) to discuss how infidelity affects marriage.  Chris Leschinsky‘s image of a women riding a bike is one of the images chosen to appear on the cover of this French book.

A.S. King‘s Please Don’t Hate Me

Publisher: Arena
Photographer: Rob Casey

Please Don’t Hate Me is the German version of the American novel, Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King.  The novel is about a young girl coping with the death of her best friend.

The cover is a photo by Rob Casey and is also featured on the cover of another book published in France and featured below.

Françoise Bourdin‘s Les Bois de Battandière

Publisher: Pocket
Photographer: Rob Casey

Bourdin writes about the struggles a widow must go through to keep the family business alive after her first husband passes away.

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