Trevor Dixon Shoots Urban Outfitters’ Home Lookbook

We’re excited to announce the release of Trevor Dixon‘s work for Urban Outfitter’s First Home Lookbook! The three day shoot took place in early January, making it a wonderful and exciting start to 2013. The project involved the collaborative efforts of Trevor, Urban Outfitters’ Director of Digital Media John Osborne, Stylist Amy Chin, and the Dixon Photography Team. The photographs were taken at Dixon Studios and an on location at an apartment in Philadelphia. The following are some highlights from the campaign’s Plum & Bow and Magical Thinking brands.

Trevor Dixon - Urban Outfitters

The concept behind the shoot was to create a set and atmosphere that highlights the Urban Outfitters’ brands Plum & Bow and Magical Thinking. Stylist Amy Chin did an amazing job in supplying props and styling the set’s decor. We had the chance to ask her about her experience working on the shoot, and she offered us her inside view on the creative aspects. Amy shared that both of the featured brands “are edgy and feminine, but in very different ways, which I think really exemplifies the Urban brand as a wholeBeing on set was like putting together a puzzle and making a collage at the same time.” The first brand “Magical Thinking” is shown in the first two images seen here, and are appropriately described by Urban Outfitters as “Global mixed with rock & roll hippie”.

Trevor Dixon - Urban Outfitters

The following shots were photographed for the Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow brand. Plum & Bow is described as Urban’s “naive with an edge” brand, and incorporates floral and critter elements to offer a youthful, yet introspectively mature feel. Amy utilized a lot of natural elements to effectively convey both brands appropriately, and shared that her selections included pieces like air plants, cactuses, driftwood, and vintage pieces. Amy said,  “We really wanted a layered and lived in look; so along with the big picture, the little details, tiny nooks and corners all needed to be considered and thoughtful.”

Trevor Dixon - Urban Outfitters

Trevor Dixon - Urban Outfitters

We love the photographs Trevor captured for the campaign. The different lighting setups and compositions beautifully compliment the tones of the Plum & Bow and Magical Thinking brands. It’s wonderful to see such a large and exciting project rise to completion, and we’re looking forward to future collaborations with Amy Chin and Urban Outfitters.

Trevor Dixon - Urban Outfitters

To view the entire collection from the shoot, visit Urban Outfitters’ website. To view more work from Amy, visit her website, and check out more work from Trevor at the Glasshouse Assignment website.

Urban Outfitters Digital Home Lookbook Campaign
Photographer: Trevor Dixon
Director of Digital Media, Urban Outfitters: John Osborne
Bedding & Props Stylist: Amy Chin / Walter Schupfer Management
Photographer’s Agent / Producer: Jai-Lee Egna / Glasshouse Assignment
Studio Manager: Issa Dixon
Photographer’s Assistants: Charlie Wrzesniewski, Ryan Lavine
Stylist Assistants: Tsering Dorjay, Chaunte Vaughn

For more information about any of the Glasshouse photographers or for portfolio requests, please contact

Jai-Lee Egna

 Photo Agent, Glasshouse Assignment


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