Evan Kafka’s Work in PDN

Evan Kafka’s work was published in Photo District News’ April 2013 Issue. The work was part of a promotional campaign for PhotoServe, one of the websites under PDN that helps create connections between photographers, photo buyers, and other visual creatives. Evan’s portrait of the gecko is part of a personal series that Evan has been working on. Some of Evan’s recent animal portraits include dogs, cats, and bunnies. To view the work, along with Evan’s commissioned work, visit the Glasshouse Assignment Website.

Evan Kafka

Evan Kafka - PDN - April 2013

Evan Kafka - Gecko

PDN Magazine, April 2013

Photographer: Evan Kafka
Editor: Holly Stuart Hughes
Managing Editor: Meghan Ahearn
Photo Editor/Assistant Editor: Lindsay Cornstock
PhotoServe Technical Support: Jacquelyn Palumbo

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