Evan Kafka Shoots Genspace Co-Founder Ellen Jorgensen for WIRED UK

Evan Kafka shot portraits of Genspace Co-Founder Ellen Jorgensen for WIRED UK’s May issue! Evan was commissioned by the magazine’s Deputy Picture Editor, Dalia Nassimi, and photographed Dr. Jorgensen in studio, both on white and on a molecular background. The WIRED UK article features Jorgensen and her work promoting science literacy and accessibility to science labs to the public. The organization she co-founded, Genspace, is a nonprofit organization and biolab in Brooklyn that offers educational courses, classes, and events to the public. We love the portraits Evan shot of Dr. Jorgensen, as they expose a warm inviting glow on both the subject and, furthermore, into the world of science. To find out more about the Dr. Jorgensen, Genspace, and the classes offered (like Biohacker Bootcamp!), visit the Genspace Website. To view Evan’s additional portrait work for WIRED UK, check out these blogposts, and see his complete portfolio on the Glasshouse Assignment Website.

Evan Kafka - Genspace - Ellen Jorgensen

Evan Kafka - Genspace - Ellen Jorgensen

Evan Kafka - Genspace - Ellen Jorgensen

WIRED UK, May 2013

Photographer: Evan Kafka
Deputy Picture Editor: Dalia Nassimi


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