Stock Contributor Elisabet Zeilon Selected for Judy Blume Book Cover

Glasshouse Images stock contributor Elisabet Zeilon has been featured on the cover of Judy Blume’s short novel, Then Again, Maybe I Won’t.

Elisabet Zeilon_Judy Blume

Judy Blume is an internationally renowned bestselling children’s author who has won over ninety literary awards through the span of her career, including three lifetime achievement awards. She began writing children’s books when her own children entered preschool in 1969 and is known in the literary world for her young adult novels that center around the struggles of growing up. She has since written twenty-nine novels that have sold over 82 million copies and have been translated into thirty-one languages around the world. Blume has been recognized as one of the most influential authors of the past century and is a longtime advocate of intellectual freedom, anti-censorship, and the education of children and teens.

On June 7, 2013 her 1981 novel Tiger Eyes was adapted for the big screen and released in theaters throughout the U.S., marking a huge milestone in Blume’s career.

Swedish photographer Elisabet Zeilon has been shooting throughout the United States, UK, and Sweden since 1982. Her images blur the line between fantasy and reality, giving a dream-like quality to the minute details of everyday life.

Her dark, surrealistic photographs have gained the attention of clients such as Apple, American Express, Tampax, Pharmacia, Shell Oil, Stanford University, Exxon, Seagram, Los Angeles Times, Sunday Times, Washington Post, SAS, Time/Life, MacWorld, Chronicle Books, San Francisco Aids Foundation, New York Aids Foundation, Authorware,  Los Angeles Cancer Institute, Random House, Decca Records, Ecophone,  Cartier,  Swedish Railroad sJ,  ACT Theatre, Harper Collins, Prisma, New Scientist, MCI, Los Angeles Olympics, Harvard university, and MiLLESGÅRDEN. She has published four books of photography, was a member of Board and Chairman of the Gamleby Photography School in Sweden from 2006-2009, and the Deputy Chairman of the Swedish Photographers Association from 2000-2006.

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